We pride ourselves by making patients want to recommend us to others. Whether it be cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry or more complicated cases, we thrive on delivering what we promise, while putting beautiful smiles on our patient’s faces.

image"My veneers have helped build my confidence. I find myself actually smiling more often, instead of coming up with ways to hide my teeth when I smile."
— Laura Leigh Beckwith
image"I've lived in Puerto Rico, New York and now Tampa since 1986. Going to Dr. Muscaro and Martini's office is like no experience ever! The staff is the cream of the crop! I recommend everyone to share my experience."
— Eddie Alverio
image"The results [of my Veneers] far exceeded my expectations, and I had to learn how to smile to show my now straight teeth. My family and friends have complimented me on my new look many times. Thank you, Dr. Muscaro."
— Hank Orr
image"Dr. Martini not only educated me on the procedure and what to expect, but also had full mouth models or 'wax ups' made of what my smile would look like when it was done. I could not be more pleased with my smile."
— Chris Russo
image"The look of my teeth was a concern to me. Dr. Muscaro suggested we lengthen and whiten my teeth with Veneers. My decision was well worth it. Having pretty teeth is a confidence booster. You just love to smile."
— Shelley Stallworth
image"I have been seeing Dr. Martini for several years. Her attention to detail and knowledge of cutting-edge advanced procedures is second to none. She is absolutely the best dentist I know, and I am honored to wholeheartedly recommend her."
— Nit Jess
image"Every person [on the staff] is focused on providing exceptional care for the patient. Dr. Muscaro's expertise is evident by the change in my smile. I truly thank everyone in the office for making a dental visit something to look forward to."
— Joanie Corneil