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Crown And Bridges in Tampa, FL

Crowns and Bridges

One of the most common procedures, dental crowns and bridges, are used to restore cracked or chipped teeth, protect teeth after root canals, or repair a dental implant. With CEREC technology, our team of expert restorative dentists in Tampa can quickly and efficiently customize your crowns and bridges to perfectly fit your mouth and beautifully enhance your smile.

The Simple Crown and Bridge CEREC Process

CEREC technology allows customizing and implementing dental crowns and bridges in Tampa to be as quick, painless and successful as possible

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Lasting Benefits With CEREC Technology

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” When you get the permanent crown here, it’s like you never had an issue to begin with…everything is done right on site. Within an hour and half…I’m leaving with a finished crown, not a temporary. “

Take the Step Toward Your Best Smile

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